Have fun. Get smart.
Norby makes learning fun
with technology that feels alive.
Meet Norby
The clever little English & Math
robot for kids aged 5+
Norby takes the dull task of learning English and Math and transforms it into a fun and engaging game.
Fun and interactive
The best type of learning happens when you're having fun. Norby teaches English, Math and Coding through stories, games and puzzles.
Builds confidence
Norby helps kids build confidence by providing feedback, motivation and positive encouragement.
Rewards kids for progress
Norby rewards kids at the end of every lesson to keep them motivated and emotionally engaged.
Adapts to your child's interests
Norby's intelligent software is constantly adapting to your child's interests. So whether it's unicorns, space travel or monster trucks - we've got every phase covered.
Guided self-paced learning
All lessons are guided and self paced, so your child can learn at a speed that is comfortable for them.
Always getting smarter
Norby is designed to grow with your child.
We're constantly adding new features to create the best possible learning experience.
How it works
Norby is the study buddy
you wish you had growing up
All lessons are guided and self-paced, so your child can learn at a speed that is comfortable for them.
Stories, games, and lessons are designed for both American English and British English. Norby doesn't care whether you think it's "aluminum" or "aluminium".
Kids can learn about kilos and pounds. Kilometers and miles. Celsius and Fahrenheit. It's all good.
Works with any iPad or Android tablet
Combining Norby with a tablet achieves the best of both worlds.

Kids can take advantage of the larger screen, while keeping Norby 'in character' to provide feedback, motivation and encouragement.

Designed for parent involvement

Norby works best with parent involvement.
Instead of parents trying to 'teach' kids - Norby creates an environment where kids feel like they are collaborating with parents.

Privacy and security built-in
We take privacy and security seriously. Norby has been designed to be COPPA compliant.
Our closed-system architecture means no access to third-party app stores or social media.
New lessons every week
In an increasingly noisy world, getting attention can be a challenge. Norby delivers new content every week to keep learning interesting and exciting.
Build the fundamentals today
while preparing for tomorrow
Visual programming
What parents and kids are saying
Tahlia loved Norby and had told anyone that will listen all about it!
Sarah H
Nathan really enjoyed using Norby. He’s still raving about it now!
Lauren C
Thanks so much! The kids haven't stopped talking about Norby and asking when we can get one. And we are still so surprised at how well Jasper responded to it!
Stefanie B
Technology that feels alive
Norby's physical presence makes him feel more like a character than a device.
But don't let the cute looks fool you, he packs some serious brain power too!
  • High performance quad-core ARM processor
  • Full-color HD capacitive touchscreen
  • Secure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • High resolution front camera
  • Stereo speakers and microphone array
  • High capacity Li-Ion battery pack
  • Light, Touch, Proximity, & Motion sensors
  • Motorized head movement with 2 DOF (degrees of freedom)
  • Emotive RGB LED lights (2 in ears & 1 in chest)
  • Dimensions: 265mm x 170mm x 110 mm (H x W x L)
  • Weight: 900g
Designed with love by humans
We're a passionate group of parents, engineers, and educators who want to change the way the world learns. Our team is made up of hardware experts, animators, game designers, teachers and child psychologists.
Adrian Mullan
Founder & CEO
Aleksei Trofimichine
Founder & CTO
Allen Pilares
Founder &
Head of Hardware
Michael Carter
Curriculum & Education Game Designer
Nikolai Veresov
Teacher & Child Psychologist
Anton Chekulaev
Software & Game Developer
Claus He
Head of Manufacturing
All your questions answered
What is Norby?
Norby is an interactive learning companion. He's designed to help kids learn English and Math in a way that is fun and engaging.
Why Norby?
Because learning should never be boring.
Learning should be fun, engaging and exciting.

Because kids treat Norby more like a character than a device, he keeps them emotionally engaged in learning.
Does Norby work without a tablet?
Yes to both.

Most of the time, combining Norby with a tablet creates the best of both worlds. The tablet gives kids more screen space for lessons, while allowing Norby to stay 'in character' and provide feedback, motivation and encouragement.

Norby connects to any iPad or Android tablet.
He also works without the tablet in 'Norby-Only' mode.
Pedagogy & Curriculum
Norby's pedagogy and curriculum are designed by leading educators, child psychologists and cognitive development experts.

All lessons are built on a foundation of evidence based research and best practices.
US or UK English?
All lessons are designed for both US & UK English. Norby doesn't care whether you think it's "aluminum" or "aluminium".

Same deal with metric & imperial, kilos & pounds. kilometers & miles etc.
Does Norby require an internet connection?
Most of Norby's functionality has been designed to work 'offline', but he does require an internet connection to download new lessons and updates.
How often do kids receive new lessons?
Every week.
Why gamification?
The best type of learning happens when kids are having fun.
Gamification helps kids track their progress and keeps them motivated to tackle new challenges.
Make Learning Fun
Norby makes learning fun
with technology that feels alive
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