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Norby's World makes learning English a fun and interactive game

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Makes Learning Fun
A fun virtual-world that helps kids stay motivated.
A social environment for kids to learn with other kids.
Positive Feedback
Norby keeps kids emotionally engaged in learning.
Voice Recognition
Practice speaking English with voice recognition.
Regular Updates
Constant updates with new games, lessons and items.
All content is curated, kid-safe, and age-appropriate.

Evidence-based curriculum designed by teaching experts

Support for British and American English
Curriculum designed by English teaching experts
Learning objectives from the Common Core (US), and CEFR (Europe & UK)
Covers all critical learning objectives


Voice recognition lets your child practice speaking English, so they can develop their confidence and pronunciation.


Phonics instruction gives children letter-sound knowledge, a skill that is essential for them to read unfamiliar words by themselves.


Reading benefits a child’s education, social and cognitive development, their wellbeing, and their mental health. 


Spelling is closely related to reading and developing overall literacy.  It helps cement the connection between sounds and letters.


Researchers have shown that vocabulary knowledge is the single greatest predictor of educational and career success.


Children who develop better listening skills are more likely to feel confident, and prepared to succeed.

What parents and kids are saying

I support Norby because I think it could be a great tool to support autistic children.  Also - Norby looks like lots if fun! :)


Tahlia loved Norby and has told anyone that will listen all about it!


The kids haven't stopped talking about Norby!


He’s still raving about it now!


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