A fun game that improves literacy skills by adapting to your child's interests

Create a personalized learning
experience for your child


What parents are saying

"The kids haven't stopped talking about Norby's World and asking when we can get it!" - Stefanie B

"I am supporting Norby's World because it could be a great tool to help autistic children." - Helen D

"I’m getting Norby's World for my daughter. She has dyslexia and finds it hard to concentrate." - Amanda S


Fun and interactive
The best type of learning happens when kids are having fun.
Builds confidence
Norby’s World helps kids build confidence by providing feedback and positive encouragement.
Rewards kids for progress
Norby’s World rewards kids at the end of every lesson to keep them motivated and emotionally engaged.
Self-paced learning
All lessons are self-paced so your child can learn at a speed that is comfortable for them.

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We’re now in the final stages of building Norby’s World and will be launching on Kickstarter soon!

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