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Hi, I'm Norby!

I'm a conversational language companion that helps language learners improve their pronunciation and speaking skills.

What people are saying

The kids haven't stopped talking about Norby and asking when we can get one!


I am supporting Norby because I think it could be a great tool to support autistic children.  Also - Norby looks like lots if fun!


I want to inspire my granddaughter to embrace robotics. I want her to read more with Norby (and reduce her addiction to YouTube).


Tahlia loved Norby and has told anyone that will listen all about it!


Fun, interactive and intelligent

Fun and Interactive
Norby feels like a Pixar character has come to life
Have free-flowing open-ended conversations.
Over 20+ languages
Speech recognition support for over 20+ languages.
Adapts to your goals, proficiency, and interests.
Instant Feedback
Get instant feedback on your pronunciation and fluency.
Almost Intelligent (AI)
Built on the latest AI and constantly getting smarter