An interactive robot that captures childhood memories

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Meet Norby.

We're shooting our launch video now.
In the meantime, here's a sneak peek at how Norby looks, moves and sounds.

That was just a quick peek but we'll be sharing more soon.

Learning should never be boring

Norby is part educator and part entertainer. He's an interactive robot designed from the ground up to make learning fun.


Kids can have a ball playing with Norby and exploring their creativity and imagination.


Kids can improve their literacy & numeracy skills by playing fun games with Norby.


Norby brings families together through fun video and voice messaging.

Smart, safe and secure.

Norby has been designed to be smart, safe and secure.

This means strict privacy settings, activity logging for parents and no access to social media. 

What else can you do with Norby?

Norby has been built to grow with your child, so he’s always learning new skills and expanding his capabilities.

Interactive stories

Video messaging





Built to make parenting easier

And while Norby is a ton of fun for kids… we’ve made him super useful for parents as well.

Use the Norby companion app to stay connected with your kids, schedule friendly reminders and wind kids down for bedtime.

Tech Highlights

Intuitive touch OLED display

Lifelike head and neck movement

Two-way voice communication

Fast ARM cortex based chipset

Programmable by Scratch & Blockly

Modular add-ons coming soon

Preparing for lift off.

We're busy finalizing the Norby prototype and getting ready to launch our crowdfunding campaign. In the meantime keep an eye on our socials and feel free to sign-up to our email for priority notification.

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