Designed with love
We’re a passionate group of parents, engineers, and educators who want to change the way the world learns.

Our team is made up of hardware experts, animators, game designers, teachers and child psychologists.
Adrian Mullan
Founder & CEO
Aleksei Trofimichine
Founder & CTO
Anton Chekulaev
Software & Game Developer
Ben Pergolizzi
Animation Wizard
Claus He
Head of Hardware
Faith Teo
Editing Wizard
Hayley Moore
UX & Game Design
Michael P Carter
Curriculum & Education Game Designer
Nikolai Veresov
Early Childhood Development Psychologist
Nitara Nowrungsah
Illustration Wizard
A word from our team
A better future where technology helps kids develop a love for learning - is one that we all want for our children. 

The thought of meeting kids in 20 years time, that fell in love with learning... is something that we find really inspiring.

The future of interactive learning is exciting and we can’t wait to deliver Norby to you!
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